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Sherwood Elementary School

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    DOE has updated the PowerPoint presentations that you may use to help prepare students for testing.  Click HERE to open the presentations.

    May 1st & 2nd:  4th and 5th Grades - FSA Reading

    May 7th & 8th:  3rd, 4th and 5th Grades - FSA Math

    May 9th & 10th:  5th Grade - FCAT Science


    Bullseye Gazette

    School Calendar

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    Absence Verification

    Click here for the Absence Verification.

    A Book A Day


    Uniform Testing Calendar

    Mission Statement

    The mission at Sherwood Elementary School is to educate and grow excited, self-sufficient learners. We are to assist and support learning to help students fulfill their academic goals. We also provide students the tools necessary to develop appropriate social interaction skills.

    Sherwood's Guidelines to Success

    • Always Try
    • Do Your Best
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Considerate
    • Treat Others the way you would like to be treated

    Sherwood's Arrows of Excellence

    • I am a Sherwood Archer
    • I am Respectful
    • I am Honest
    • I am an Active Learner
    • I am Responsible
    • Because I am part of the Sherwood Team!

    Pre-K program

    Please click HERE to find information regarding the School District of Escambia County's Pre-K Program.

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